Desert Rising Festival Guide – Desert Rising Festival

Desert Rising Festival Guide

What is Desert Rising?

Desert Rising is a 3 day transformational festival in the desert outside of San Diego. It is a conscious community collaboration of several organizations with the pure intention of holding a safe space to bring community together. Also, to provide entertainment and authentic transformation through various meditations and workshops, high vibrational music, collaboration and authentic relating. The intention is to give a true glimpse of what heaven on earth can look like through music, community, love, dynamic meditation, dance, connection, and play. We hope you make  lifelong connections- come together as strangers and leave as best friends, and take the love and joy you created here and bring it back out into the community and world!

Will there be food?

There will be delicious plant based food vendors from Sabor Piri Piri and Original Herbivore on site.  Please bring your own snacks, goodies and drinks if you want.

Will there be water?

Please bring your own water (1 gallon per person/per day.)  We will have some water available on site but highly encourage bringing your own.

Will there be bathrooms?

There are two public bathrooms on site as well as two porta potties.

Where can we find the schedule?

Check our website for an updated schedule.

How will the weather be?

It is going to be a beautiful weekend full of sunshine. So beautiful that the weather forecast even describes it as “Abundant Sunshine.” But it does get cold at night and can be very windy so warm clothes are great to bring.

Here is the weather forecast:

What is the parking situation?

We highly encourage carpooling to be environmentally-aware as well as saving space and money.  The parking will be approximately a half mile from the festival venue and there will be a $20 environmental impact fee per vehicle. We will have shuttles that will drive you to the campsites.

Will there be showers?

There will be no showers on site but we do have an epic surprise for you Saturday that will be a great opportunity for you to wash yourself 🙂

Where do we camp?

Camping will be throughout the venue, and feel free to explore and find your own spot. There will be volunteers to help guide you as well. Feel free to practice some mindfulness walking around to avoid any cactus!  The Desert View Tower will be open for people to sleep in just bring a pad and blankets or sleeping bag as it is on a hard surface.

Will there be Fires?

There will be a few sacred fires that are watched over by Native American Elders and these fires will be a safe space for you to go and ground if you are feeling uneasy. Chief Black Fox will be there to guide you! Grandfather fire is a great way to help you heal and to remove any toxic emotions.

Are there other accommodations?

There is accommodation nearby at Jacumba Hot Springs Resort, De Anza Springs Resort, and Back Country Inn if you are looking for a shower or do not want to camp, although we highly recommend camping 🙂  

What should I wear?

It will be sunny in the daytime and very cold at night.  Wear comfortable loose clothing during the meditations and workshops to allow the body-mind to relax and feel at ease. Definitely bring shoes as there are boulders and lots of cool areas to explore!! Don’t forget to bring your fun festive clothing and lights to wear at night!!  Furry and fuzzy are highly encouraged. Topless equality is supported here.

Venue Location

The venue is at Desert View Tower, an amazing venue with a mystical tower overlooking the desert that we will be able to go up in!  The Desert View Tower has a rich history of Sacred Native American land and we have been doing work to honor the land and ancestors for several months now. Let’s please be in the mindset of giving more than taking, and leaving the land better than we found it.  

Can I bring my children?

There will not be a designated kids area, so parents or guardians will be required to be with their children at all times. Please keep in mind there are fires, big rocks, cactus and crazy hippies, so use discretion when choosing to bring your children to Desert Rising.  

  • Water
  • Tent (Make sure you have stakes, raincovers, and all of the poles to set it up!)
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Sleeping Pads
  • Pillows
  • Good Vibes
  • Comfortable Clothes for the daytime
  • Warm Clothes for the nighttime
  • Wet wipes
  • Cash for food vendors and other high vibe vendors
  • Snacks
  • Lights (battery-powered)
  • Headlamp / flashlight
  • Costumes for you and friends!