Connecting To Your Inner Child – Desert Rising Festival

Connecting To Your Inner Child

Dr. Barry Green

Somatic Mind-Body Therapist

Connecting To Your Inner Child

2:00 PM October 13th, 2018

This workshop focuses on the method that started in the 70’s and became famous with the work of John Bradshaw.. The Inner Child is your experiences of early childhood before puberty, most especially the time before age 7 (when logic begins.) The Inner Child is actually our subconscious.  Current scientific research tells us the Inner Child (subconscious) learning accounts for 90-95% of the decisions we make as adults. The Inner Child holds the wounds of our past yet has no understanding of how to work with the woundedness. This workshop will teach you how to connect to your Inner Child and help heal your child’s woundedness of the past.. Barry has been doing Inner Child work for 40 years..