Tantra Puja – Desert Rising Festival

Tantra Puja

Ria Bloom

Tantra Educator

Tantra Puja

8:00 PM October 12th, 2018

Tired of small talk?

Come connect with like-hearted men and women at this Tantra-Puja inspired event. Engage in flirty, fun, sensual exercises (all PG of course) to bring out your true self.

You’ll be paired with different participants to delve into heart opening meditations, playful communication, energetic practices, conscious improv, and body language games. Exercises are created to inspire transparency, vulnerability, awareness and loving kindness. Participation is always optional and by choice. Modern life is chaotic and demanding, and you have what it takes to learn tools and skills to enjoy your relationships with more ease. Because let’s face it, life is more enjoyable together!

In this workshop you will:
* Learn advanced skills for deeper INTIMACY
* Rediscover your SENSUAL INNOCENCE
* Learn about boundaries and CONSENT
* Receive powerful transmissions of FREEDOM & LOVE
* HEAL toxic patterns that get in your way
* Learn CONSCIOUS communication tools
* Find COMMUNITY & deep friendships
* Build rock-solid CONFIDENCE
* LAUGH your face off
* Feel ALIVE in your BODY and get out of your head!