Dr. Barry Green – Desert Rising Festival

Dr. Barry Green

Dr. Barry Green

Somatic Mind-Body Therapist

With over 40 years of a professional career and over 60 years of personal growth and development,  Dr. Green has accumulated roughly 300,000 hours and is considered one the few to have mastered all the areas of holism,  body-mind-emotions. Barry is a rare individual who has had the opportunity in his life to deeply immerse himself in all areas of wholism as well as 45 years of yoga, t’ai chi and spiritual practices.      

Due to his extensive experience and wisdom he has been able to create and operate some of the most progressive alternative health care schools in the world,  these include the Institute of Psychostructural Balancing in San Diego, Los Angeles and Hawaii, along with the Body Mind College in San Diego.

Barry now focuses on his private practice and educational workshops and trainings.  His Releasing the Past, a subconscious clearing of negative childhood learning, has transformed the lives of 100’s.  He has personally created numerous mind-body methods. His dissertation was the first scientific study on the body-mind connection.  He coined the term Body Psychology. He holds a Guiness Record for a 50 hour massage marathon. He has authored 2 texts on the body-mind.   He is still an active masters athlete in track running 100 and 200meter races. He is happily married with 2 married children and is currently raising his 11 year old son.